The Author

Author Donnie Eichar is an acclaimed director and producer of film, television and music videos. Donnie is a Florida native brought up amongst a family of storytellers. His most recent work (before authoring Dead Mountain) could be seen on MTV's groundbreaking documentary series The Buried Life. Donnie produced 18 episodes of the show, with the cast achieving their bucket list goals such as "Playing Basketball with President Obama" and "Help Deliver a Baby" as well as being featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Donnie lives in Malibu, CA.


J.C Gabel is the founding editor and publisher of Stop Smiling magazine and of The Chicagoan, a Midwest literary organization. He lives in Los Angeles.

Nova Jacobs is an award-winning writer and screenwriter, and is a Nicholl Fellow with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. She lives in Los Angeles.