The Hikers

Igor Dyatlov "Igor"

January 13, 1936–February 1–2, 1959 (23 years old)
The leader of the Dyatlov hiking group, an adventurer, amateur inventor, radio enthusiast, and an exceptional engineering student at UPI.

Alexander Kolevatov "Kolevatov"

October 16, 1934–February 1–2, 1959 (24 years old)
A student of nuclear physics. He had spent his first year of school at the All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute in Moscow before transferring to UPI. He was a cautious, studious person who enjoyed smoking antique pipes.

Alexander Zolotaryov "Sasha"

February 2, 1921–February 1–2, 1959 (37 or 38 years old)
The oldest member of the Dyatlov hiking group. A hiking instructor and a WWII veteran. He was multi-lingual, and could speak Polish, Ukranian and German in addition to Russian. He worked in a mining factory, but was studying to be a military engineer when he joined the Dvatlov hiking group in 1959.

Yuri Krivonishchenko "Georgy"

February 7 1935–February 1–2, 1959 (23 years old)
The in-house court jester. He was always looking to amuse his friends with jokes or mandolin music. He studied construction and hydraulics at UPI.

Lyudmila Dubinina "Lyuda"

May 12 1938–February 1–2, 1959 (20 years old)
The youngest of the Dyatlov group, and one of two women. A student in the construction school at UPI, with an emphasis on economics. Athletic and strong, she was also a dedicated and outspoken communist.

Nikolay Thibault-Brignoles "Kolya"

June 5, 1935–February 1–2, 1959 (23 years old)
The great grandson of a French engineer who immigrated to the Urals in the 1880s. He had already graduated with a civil construction degree. Kolya was well read, though struck a balance between serious and intensely funny.

Rustem Slobodin "Rustik"

January 11, 1936–February 1–2, 1959 (23 years old)
Had earned his degree at UPI in mechanical engineering. He had been born in Moscow and was raised in relative affluence as compared with his friends. He was both athletic and musical.

Yuri Doroshenko "Doroshenko"

January 29, 1938–February 1–2, 1959 (21 years old)
A student of radio engineering at UPI. He had an impulsive personality and was famous at the school’s hiking club for having run at a giant bear with a geologist’s hammer while on a camping trip.

Zinaida Kolmogorova "Zina"

January 12, 1937–February 1–2, 1959 (22 years old)
One of two women in the Dyatlov hiking group. She was highly social and loved to amuse her friends with stories. Her radio engineering studies at UPI didn’t come naturally to her, but she was a dedicated student and often the last to leave the library.

Yuri Yudin "Yudin"

July 19 1937 - April 27 2013 (21 yrs. old at time of incident)
The tenth member of the Dyatlov hiking group, who turned back in 1959 because of his chronic rheumatism.